How long to Press-On Nails last?

Approx. 3-14 days with Nail Glue (mins to hours with sticky adhesives tabs). Please ensure that the application instructions are followed to maximize the length of time the nails will last. The great thing about press-on nails is you can reapply them to your nail bed. If you do this please ensure that all glue is removed from the press-on nail and prep for nail bed is carried out before reapplication.

Are they reusable?

Yes. If you do reuse your press-ons please ensure that they are cleaned with soapy water and all nail glue residue is removed, before storage and reapplication.

How do I apply them?

Step One: Wash and dry your hand and nails.
Step Two: File your nails to even suitable length. Use the orange stick to push back your cuticles.
Step Three: Using the nail wipe, gently clean your top of the nail beds.
Step Four: Using the mini buffer, gently buff on the top of your nail bed removing the shine from your nails.
Step Five: Use a small amount of glue apply a mini bead to your nail bed. Place the false nail directly on top of the glue / fully covering the nail bed and press firmly for ten seconds. If you are using sticky tabs, they are to be used instead of the nail glue.
Repeat for all nails.

What is better? Nail glue or Sticky Tabs?

Nail Glue will provide a longer lasting ware. Nail adhesive sticky tabs could last anything from minutes to hours.

What is included with my Press-On Nail purchase?

Press On Nails (set of ten nails)
Free Nail Application Prep Kit:
Mini Nail File
Mini Nail Buffer
Cuticle Pusher
Nail Glue
Sticky Adhesive Tabs (At request)
Guideline Instructions

What are the current processing and dispatch times?
Press On Nails  1-2 weeks processing. 
Nail Foils/Decals - 2-3 Business Days dispatch. 
Standard delivery 2-3 working days (Royal Mail standard delivery or signed for) 

How do I leave a message to add to my order?

Add you order to basket
View basket
Add notes in the Special Instructions text box
You can also chat to us, and/or send to us a message.
We will contact you if we have not received full details to process an order.

What is included with the Nail Decal Stickers?

If available, we will include transfer tape whilst stocks last

How do I use the Decal Stickers on my nails? 

Using either masking tape, or the transfer tape, cover the decal sticker that you wish to use, press down firmly and 'pick up' the sticker - use this method to aline your sticker to your nails / art work and neatly smooth and press down. These stickers are quite durable.
If you are applying the decal to your natural nails, or false nails; they will stick to your natural nail bed, nail varnish, gel polish, acrylic and much more! Please ensure that a top coat is used to seal the decal in place. (otherwise the sticker will come off)
The decal stickers are vinyl; which is also perfect for the majority of crafting.

Hoe do I apply my nail transfer foils?
Foil transfers need to adhere to a tacky layer of nail foil adhesive. 
Using your foil adhesive (for example foil gel if you use a UV/LED lamp, following your brands instructions; once the foil gel has been cured in the nail lamp, directly apply the foil transfer to the tacky layer. Press firmly and carefully lift the foil leaving your design behind on the nail. Top coat to seal in your final design.

Refunds & Returns:

Yes returns on goods are accepted. Please contact us and ensure goods are returned within 30 days of your order. We do encourge contact for us to resolve anything we can to help you. We have 100% track record of customer service and are happy to work together to resolve if required.
No refunds accepted for Gift Vouchers.
MAX ORDER QTY 15 ITEMS PER ORDER. We are not a bulk wholesaler, these are personal items only - hand made. For orders over 250gbp please contact me direct.

dated 31st January 2024