Hi Guys!

My names Abby, I am the owner of Get Your Press On®, I am a fully qualified nail tech bringing my designs straight to your door step with nearly a decade of experience in Gel Polish. 

Get Your Press On has been open since 2020. The business has taken my nail skills and social media to a level I couldn't even imagine. Being able to paint my designs and have them delivered to your doorstep is for me a dream come true!!

We have sold over a thousand orders, and now believe it was time so push through with my website!

Question is: Why Press-On Nails? 

Press-On Nails are a great idea if your unable to get to a salon. They can be applied in less than ten minutes. They can be reusable. They can last for your perfect night out with sticky tabs or a weeks holiday perhaps with nail glue. Every set comes with a free nail application kit, which includes everything you need to apply your nails in the comfort of your own home!

Why Foils? Simple! Why not add some quick, effective, vibrant and easy designs to your nail art!